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Welcome to AER Orientation and Mobility Division Wiki![edit]

This Wiki is devoted to sharing information and resources for the AER Orientation and Mobility Division.

Strategic Plan[edit]

AER O&M Division Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning and Division Initiatives

Strategic Planning Tasks & Implementation[edit]

  1. Decide on priorities and divide into subtasks-subcommittees
  2. Develop charge and/or focus for each subgroup and subcommittee

Timeline - 2017-2018[edit]

November 1st

  • Assign volunteers to tasks, goals, and committees

December 1st

  • Provide quarterly update to division membership on progress
  • Determine whether to pursue conference presentation

January 1st

  • Evaluate progress with committee and decide on focus of efforts

March 1st

  • Provide quarterly update to division membership on progress

July 1st

  • Annual progress update reported to membership
  • Strategic plan process included in P & P manual

Goals/Strategies, Members, Works in-progress[edit]

Goal 1: Reestablish existing division committees and create new committees with specific tasks regarding implementation of the strategic plan and advancement of the profession[edit]
  1. Identify best ways to accomplish goals and strategies and who or what group is best-suited for the task Justin Kaiser. Susan Langendonk, Chris Tabb, Jen Edgar, Brenda Naimy, Lukas Franck, Christine Telford Begun working on where to focus efforts
  2. Recruitment efforts for committees will include conferences, emails, newsletters, and social media communication Justin Kaiser. Susan Langendonk, Chris Tabb Emailing/recruiting division members and volunteers from conference
Goal 2: Increase communication between division leaders and members to allow for direct feedback concerning their professional needs and to raise awareness of division activities[edit]
  1. Organize a GDMI group and/or webinar focused on identifying their professional needs and how they can be more involved in the division, Lukas Franck
  2. Use the listserv, website, newsletter, and social media accounts to enhance communication and to promote division activities, Jenkins, Elizabeth Payne, Latricia Gambrell
Goal 3: Educate non-O&M professionals (e.g. school administrators, Occupational Therapists) about the role and profession of the O&M specialist[edit]
  1. Submit articles for publication in OT and PT journals [i. Solicit O&M specialists who are OTs/PTs to write from their perspective Research, Communications]
  2. Use social media to establish connections with other professions Communications
  3. Provide available resources to support the EAC members in attending appropriate transportation organization meetings and advocating through associated committees EAC
Goal 4: Identify and share requirements for O&M providers to work with children and adults in every state[edit]
  1. Conduct online research and contact professionals to identify and request specific provider requirements, Justin Kaiser, Jenn Cmar, Need 1 or 2 more people
  2. Online searches have identified many state requirements
  3. Develop database and share requirements for each state that could be found Justin Kaiser, Jenn Cmar,Ongoing - Develop document to share online
  4. Work with the AER State Chapters to help them identify and/or advocate for criteria for qualified personnel in each state, Justin Kaiser, Jenn Cmar
Goal 5: Identify opportunities for advocacy and recruitment through universities with programs in blindness and low vision, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy (Recruitment)[edit]
  1. Identify what percentage of university students who do not enter the medical field programs enter other professional programs
  2. Explore ways to contact the top students and provide education about blindness and low vision careers
  3. Contact students seeking other careers via career fairs and email
Goal 6: Explore ways to connect with academic advisors about careers in O&M (Recruitment)[edit]
  1. Develop contact list of O&M professionals in each area/region willing to act as liaisons/advocates for O&M within their community Bonnie Dodson-Burke, Kristy Plesscher, Karen Hornberger
  2. Develop a video that can be shared that explains the role of the O&M specialist Bonnie Dodson-Burke, Kristy Plesscher, Karen Hornberger University partner
  3. Get O&M listed in Occupational Indexes and national databases [i. Partner with the AER Professional Personnel Recruitment Committee, Bonnie Dodson-Burke, Kristy Plesscher, Karen Hornberger]
Goal 7: Emphasize and promote information on best practices and useful tools for O&M professionals[edit]
  1. Revise scope of practice and develop paper to be reviewed and voted on by division membership, Justin Kaiser, Jenn Cmar, Sandy Rosen, Dawn Anderson, First draft is in development
  2. Seek out established professionals to contribute best-practice articles for publication in the newsletter
  3. Highlight current research/practice publications relevant to O&M professionals
  4. Emphasize core competencies in O&M through tactile map competitions structured around the AER O&M and the biennial AER International conferences, Justin Kaiser, Kevin Hollinger
  5. Review position papers and determine need for revisions and/or other changes, Professional issues committee, Karen Hornberger, Nikki Llewellyn
Goal 8: Provide and promote professional development opportunities for O&M professionals[edit]
  1. Work with ACVREP to ensure professional development presentations provided by the division qualifies for COMS recertification, CE Committee, Brenda Naimy, Chris Tabb, Maryann Ricci, Stephanie Decarlo, Lauralyn Randles
  2. Continuing Education Committee to provide and/or coordinate at least one professional development webinar, watercooler, or other virtual presentation each year Continuing education Brenda Naimy Maryann Ricci, Stephanie Decarlo, Lauralyn Randles
  3. Environmental Access Committee representative(s) to offer periodic professional development opportunities virtually or through national, regional, and/or local presentations, EAC members, Denise Laderman, Theresa Heyl, Christine Telford, Judy McCarthy, Melanie Hughes, Raychel Callary
Goal 9: Create resources and opportunities to support O&M professional learning communities at the national and local level[edit]
  1. Provide a framework, including resources and strategies, for creating professional connections, developing mentorship programs, and promoting advocacy efforts to groups of O&M specialists, Brenda Naimy, Kirsten Peahl, Jen Duncan, Megan Fredhel
  2. Develop system to actively disseminate and share information using online collaborative resources [i. Develop and share database of different types of environments and intersections including google maps, google earth, or other online resources, Chris Tabb, Katt Jones, EAC members? Diane Brauner, Denise Laderman, Theresa Heyl, Christine Telford, Judy McCarthy, Melanie Hughes Raychel Callary]
Goal 10: Actively support and investigate measures for third-party and/or Medicare reimbursement for O&M professionals[edit]
  1. Participate in and support current AER Third-Party Payment Resolution Task Force on behalf of the O&M Division Task Force Justin Kaiser Ongoing- Division Chair meeting with Task Force as scheduled
Goal 11. Advocate for high quality programs and standards of O&M personnel preparation and O&M certification[edit]
  1. Support and promote the AER University Review Committee to become accredited through the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Bill Wiener, Eileen Sifferman
  2. Support and promote COMS to be an accredited certification program through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), Bill Wiener, Eileen Sifferman; Would like SME committee members to write letter in support
Goal 12. Develop partnerships with other groups and organizations with an interest in promoting the O&M profession[edit]
  1. Reach out to other related groups and organizations to identify areas of shared interest and opportunities for collaboration
  2. Establish regular meetings with other visual impairment groups with an interest in O&M


Third Party Reimbursement[edit]

To be added soon

Professional Development Opportunities[edit]

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